Would you hire a "hot" nanny?

Would you hire a "hot" nanny?

I was just reading the other day in the “New York Post” that Ben Affleck might have had an affair with his nanny. http://pagesix.com/2015/07/29/ben-affleck-slams-reports-hes-dating-the-nanny/

Allegedly. Possibly. Maybe.

Good Lord – Nannygate.

I always say, where there’s smoke, there’s definitely some coals charring. Maybe not a full-blown inferno per se, but you better believe there is at least a small campfire smoldering…only it’s a different roasted weenie being prepared for eating.

I have one thought that comes to mind: Why in G-d’s name would ANY woman want to hire a hot nanny to work for them?

Why, why, why???!!!!

Must I shake everyone silly?

Yeah, I get it. Maybe there’s maternal sleep deprivation involved or depression or overextension or work or whatever…but, still, one should never invite a potential problem into their homes.


Have women become so overly confident, ambivalent, or indifferent within their marriages that they see nothing wrong with bringing a young, beautiful, single woman into their home? Did I miss the memo that said this has become a safe thing?

Scene 1: Wifey is working or running around doing errands, possibly a bit preoccupied with kids, et cetera, and she makes one complaint that sounds remotely like nagging.

Scene 2: Hot nanny who’s always cheerful and never nags hubby (because he’s paying her bills) comes into the kitchen. She’s pretty, she’s youthful, and guess what??? She’s not his wife, and anything that’s not the “wife” is looking pretty good, especially a single woman under his own roof. It’s safe, it’s comfortable, and she already knows his quirks and the kids.

Scene 3: Nanny becomes the new Mrs. Whoever. The end.

Listen, I’m as confident and as secure as they come, but at the same time, I’m definitely no dummy either.

I was fortunate enough to have employed a nanny back when my children were young, but even when I was married, there wasn’t a chance in hell that I was hiring any girl that may be a temptation.

Ahhh – the word of the day. Let’s all say it together:

: A thing or course of action that attracts or tempts someone. Synonyms include: lure, allurement, enticement, seduction, attraction, draw, pull.

You get the drift.

Having an attractive nanny, in my opinion, is a recipe for disaster. I am not coming from a place of insecurity either. It’s just my belief that it isn’t wise to lay the cake out on the counter when you’re on a diet!

That’s not to say that all men are incapable of restraint. I felt I needed to add that because I’m not trying to offend anyone. But even if your guy is an up and up kind of man, it’s still a distraction, in my eyes.


Time and time again we hear about the celebrity leaving his wife for the nanny a/k/a the nurturing caregiver who creates a warm and fuzzy environment – minus the binky and milk.

Here is a list of just some of the stars that have been involved in a nannyship: Jude Law, Robin Williams, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ethan Hawke, and the list goes on and on.

How about the ultimate nanny tale…Captain von Trapp falling for Maria. Granted, his wife had sadly passed away, but don’t forget he was engaged to the baroness. He fell madly in love with Maria, broke up with the baroness, and before you knew it, they were one big happy family singing “The hills are alive with the sound of music.”

The moral of the story being…watch what fräulein you let frolic with your captain.

3 Responses

    interesting article.

    I will disagree partially.

    1. Not all men will cheat when an attractive woman is brought in the house. Maybe the sample set of men is the wrong group?

    2. Bringing anyone in your house as a Nanny is dangerous, and not just because of the cheating aspect. I totally get it when both parents work, but i still think that the income of a second breadwinner does not outweigh the benefits of parenting your own children.


      I agree that not every guy will cheat. However, with that being said, I do think it raises temptation. Thanks for the comment. New post regarding the same subject to follow today.

        read It…we will agree to disagree.

        I interesting to hear your perspective, as I think men are much more honest in their marriages than they are given credit for

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