Why women don't go back for "seconds"

Why women don't go back for "seconds"

It’s always appeared to me to be a definite man’s world when it came to the subject of…ahem, ‘getting down to business.’

These days they call it hooking up.

Anyway, I grew up always believing men got to do what they wanted sexually without getting a bad name, but women had to be ‘good girls’ or else they’d have a bad reputation.

It sort of seemed like a double standard — but that was life.

Growing up, my father would always say, “Karin, treat your body like a temple.”

Little does my dad know that not only do I treat my body like a temple, but I’m pretty sure I’ve even seen G-d a few times through the years.

Let’s proceed.

I still carry many very old-fashioned values from my childhood, but I’ve learned that my values, these days, are rare. Life is a lot different in the world today, which brings me up to my next point.

I sat with a group of men recently where I happened to be the only woman at the table. They were proceeding to go over all the details and reasons for why some of their hook-ups/get-togethers/one and done’s,  only happened once with certain women and never again.

Short shelf life hook-ups?? Hmmm. I was intrigued.

And to think, I thought getting thrown out of bed for eating crackers was just an old wives’ tale…ha!

These men were rambling on and on with excuses on why they never had repeat performances with ‘particular women’, and these reasons ranged anywhere from body size to showmanship.

Honestly, I wasn’t quite sure if we were discussing ‘doing the nasty’ or referring to the Westminster Kennel Club dog show.

Anyway, I had to chime in that I always believed that, for men, any meal (aka sexual experience) was a good meal, right? I mean, I know that certain ‘meals’ are better than others, but I had this wrong belief that men felt that any meal was better than not getting fed. Now all of a sudden I’m hearing that some men would rather miss a meal than have a bad one???

This couldn’t be so.

How had I pegged it wrong for so long? Wasn’t it women that were more like this? Have men and women somehow fused together to form a new generation of highly-picky meal eaters?

My head was hurting. This was too much to take in.

Well, you must know that after hearing this conversation, I had to start talking to ALL my lady peeps. After all, I now felt completely compelled to stick up for the female population and fire back a few of my own missiles.

I wasn’t being punitive — just curious of what I might hear if I started asking my girlfriends why they didn’t go back for ‘second helpings.’ I mean if women were becoming more independent and making choices of their own, surely they had highly selective meal choices as well.

Here goes, gentlemen.


I am signing a disclaimer right now. Anything that looks, smells or seems even remotely familiar…is not. These are the words of outsiders and not my own. Consider me just the messenger –

Although isn’t there some quote about messengers?

Why some women don’t go back for more servings:

It’s because the meal was…

1. Overcooked and left the diner feeling like they couldn’t eat (or walk) for another week.

2. Undercooked and left the diner still feeling hungry.

3. Bland and left the diner feeling like the meal just wasn’t worth the calories.

4. Veggies were wilted and soggy, leaving the diner feeling they needed to flee the restaurant.

5. Serving size was too big, leaving the diner feeling injured.

6. Serving size was too small, leaving the diner feeling starved.

7. The restaurant demanded an exclusive Diners Club membership upon the first meal, leaving the diner feeling a ‘wee bit’ claustrophobic.

8. The restaurant liked regularly feeding other guests, leaving the diner feeling insignificant.

9. Menu was too limited, leaving the diner feeling bored with a loss of appetite.

10. Not enough appetizers, leaving the diner completely ‘unprepared’ for the main course.

12. Main course was just so unfulfilling that the diner needed to make a reservation at another restaurant.

So, my friends out there in the blogosphere, it appears that things have changed since the old days where any piece was a good piece and Marcia Brady was every guy’s fantasy.

Might we now be a society of nit-picky food connoisseurs?

Have we become so selective that we no longer appreciate a meal if it’s not always in a five-star restaurant?

I just don’t know.

Maybe it’s the more we eat, and the more restaurants we see, the more we have to compare to the next plate of food.

Options are great, but maybe having too many options prevents us from just being happy with a regular peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

In the end when all else fails and you feel your stomach grumbling…

Sometimes carrying in and dining alone might be all ya need.

Until Next Week,



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