What Kind of "Crazy" Are You?

What Kind of "Crazy" Are You?

I’ve come to terms with the fact that the whole world is definitely a little off. (Was that unbuddhalike to say?) I mean, totally and utterly crazy. (Okay, that was very unbuddhalike to say.)




In the simplest of Buddha terms, the path that we’re all on is called the “journey” of life. The journey of life has so many twists and turns, ups and downs that our reactions sometimes to life’s surprises just send us over the edge.




No judgment. Just peace and love. After all, I have my own special crazy.




Here’s the thing…we all have our very own unique brand of crazy. There are no two crazies alike…kinda like fingerprints. By the way, relax; we are all crazy, it’s not a contest.




I think that when trying to find a partner in life, it’s not about finding someone who you have a million things in common with, but rather whose crazy gets along well with your crazy. If each of your crazies can get along…well, need I say more? You’ve hit the jackpot.



Technically, when you first meet someone, it’s best that you don’t introduce him or her to your crazy right off the bat. That side of your personality needs to come out slowly. This allows for each person to gradually become acquainted with the other person’s ‘crazy’ in baby steps. Anything that is revealed too fast too soon is a recipe for disaster. So that is precisely why ‘crazy’ must be controlled and introduced little by little.



Some folks take crazy to a whole other level.




Through research I’ve composed my own list of full-blown crazy out there:




*The Narcissist:

Every sentence begins with “I.” They do what’s only good for themselves with little regard for others or the consequences. These peeps generally can’t hear you over how awesome they are.



*The Liar:

These lovelies are just plain crazy because they lie and you can never figure out fact from fiction. The walls of honesty are broken down, and therefore trust cannot be formed. Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever.



*The Social Media Manipulator

They strategically choreograph all social media sites with carefully planned-out pics or tweets that exist for the sole purpose of shoring their delusional agendas.



*The Professor:

Fear not, they know it all…about everything, and they let you know every chance they get. And, remember…they told you so.



*The Sniper:

They shoot you down faster than you can say, “Iceman, this is Maverick.” These cats, if you allow them, will gun down your hopes, dreams and plans, with digs, sarcasm and covert attacks. Their assault is usually swift and they are skilled. By the way, these people often disguise their airstrikes as “honest advice” caked with the best of intentions.



*The Werewolf:

This person transforms from normal to crazy faster than David Banner in “The Hulk.” They explode into unfocused rage out of nowhere, and then, kaboom…they are back to being normal again. Cray-cray, FOR SURE!!



*The Vampire:

They suck the emotional life right out of you. After being with them, for even short periods of time, you feel emotionally spent, exhausted, and in dire need of, at the very least, a nap.



*The Meaniac:

This is the person who yells at waiters and waitresses, cashiers and salespeople. They are just plain mean and lack patience. Tick them off…oh, boy, watch out.



*The Ladle Server:

These crazy people are like Liquid Drano because all they do is dredge up crap. They are the ultimate pot stirrers. Whether it’s in your sump pump or someone else’s, they’re always looking for the next shit show.



*The Stalker:

They ignore social boundaries and never leave you alone. They stalk your Facebook, your Twitter, your Instagram and any other social media site they can find to see what you have been doing. On the needy scale, they’re a DEFCON 5.



If you’re searching for someone who isn’t one fry off from a Happy Meal, you aren’t going to find him or her. We each have our own set of idiosyncrasies that make us who we are…special.




We need to relish those oddities within one another and ourselves. However, we also need to look deep inside and really take note of whether or not our actions are “normal crazy” or “abnormal crazy.” Are we our best selves or are we operating with old programs that are pushing people out of our lives and urging us to get real help?




When you meet that special someone, do not ignore the red flags that eventually begin waving. (And believe me they will begin waving at some point; I assure you) Will that “narcissist” be there for you when you need them??? Will that “sniper” be supportive of your ideas or will they shoot them down leaving you feeling insecure and vulnerable? Will the “vampire” give you space for other people in your life?




Working relationships allow for a balance between tolerance and compromise when dealing with each other’s madcap. So before you settle down with that special someone or make a new bestie, make sure you can live with exactly what you see — and that includes the good, the bad and the ugly. If you still want each other after that, you may proceed with caution.


And in the best of circumstances… even schedule a play date for your “crazies”.




Until next time,






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