To my children on Mother's Day

To my children on Mother's Day

To my Children-

As Mother’s Day has approached, I want to thank the three of you for giving me this most honorable title. I also want to tell you how being your mother has greatly impacted my life.

Being your mother has taught me the true definition of unconditional love. I love you when you are happy, I love you when you are cranky, I love you when you are throwing tantrums and I even love you when you tell me on those special occasions that you actually hate me.

I love you no matter what.

Being your mother has taught me to be selfless. I have learned how to operate on almost no sleep (especially given the fact that all three of you were colicky). I have learned that pretty much all your needs come well before mine. And I have learned that you come before me-always.

Plain and simple.

Being your mom means I make lots of mistakes: I forget your lunch, I swear, I text non-stop, I’m on my phone way too much, and I lose my temper often. Sometimes I say “I’m sorry,” and I try to do better the next time. Sometimes you say “can we start over?” and I am overwhelmed by your wisdom.

Being your mom means I am okay being the villain when I have to say “no” to you. I feel your anger and wrath, and I understand it because I felt that way once, too. It is my job to do the right thing to guide you as you grow up, even when it means I have to turn you down. I admire your determination as you plead your case and try to break me down with almost everything short of Chinese water torture, and yet, as you know, sometimes the answer still remains “no.”

Being your mom means teaching you morals, instilling ethics, overseeing your academics, attending all your events, honoring your social needs, tending to your aliments, cultivating your talents, wiping your tears, kissing your boo-boos, cheering on your triumphs, mending your broken hearts, editing your papers, protecting your egos, defending your honor, preventing you from harm, purchasing your wardrobe, entertaining your friends, filling our Godlesss amounts of paper work, carpooling you, celebrating with you—loving you with every last bone in my body.

Being your mom means feeling the greatest amount of happiness when YOU are happy. It also means lying awake all night with a pit in my stomach while you journey through your own obstacles.

Being your mom means non-stop photographing of you—even though all three of you dislike it.

Being your mother has taught me what my mother, and her mother and all the mother’s before me went through. It’s a right of passage that can’t be fully understood until you walk in those same motherly shoes.

Being your mom also means that when it is time for you to fly I will let you go out into the big world to share the wonderful gifts that you possess because it is my job to prepare you for a life of your own.

But at no time, while I am on this earth, will I not be here for you with arms open wide.

Because in the end, my greatest gifts and contributions to this world are you.

I thank you for making me your mommy.

Until Next week,


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