The Dating Review

The Dating Review

As human beings, we tend to seek out other people’s opinions on so many things; i.e., movies, books, restaurants, cars, exercise equipment, Broadway shows, television programs — you name it, there’s a review.

At any given moment during the normal banter of our day, we can get a review on almost anything, or anyone, with just one click of the proverbial button.

“So tell me.

It’s amazing that we have all become human Wikipedias, with an informational base that stretches past continents and large bodies of water.

For me, reviews are just subjective opinions or hearsay, and for all intents and purposes, are generally WORTHLESS. I prefer to rely on my own gut instincts and assess on my own.

According to Webster’s dictionary, the definition of “review” is as follows: A report that gives someone’s opinion about the quality of something or someone.

Did you see the word “opinion” in that definition?

And you know what my dad always says: “Opinions are like tuchases — everyone’s got one and most of them are not floral scented.”


Let’s take dating reviews as an example. Your friend wants to go on a date with someone. They ask if you know this person. Within seconds, most people can come up with information and an immediate opinion. They have looked up this person on social media, or have heard things through social networking and can give you all the information and knowledge you need — short of applying for a job at the CIA.

Or so they think they can.

So how accurate is the dating review?
Here’s the thing — almost no one gets a glowing perfect review other than a newborn baby who hasn’t offend anyone yet. As we age and go through life, we get into situations and make decisions that seem to attach to our actual character description.

These are the questions to ask yourself:

– What are the real intentions of the reviewer?
– Does the reviewer really know the person they are reviewing?
– How much information is opinion as opposed to fact or just gossip?
– How did the reviewer obtain his/her information?
– Is the reviewer a disgruntled employee; a former client; a best friend to the ex; an estranged family member; friends with a friend; or, better yet, friends with the friend’s friend? (Don’t you love third-hand opinions?)
– Does the reviewer dislike the person being reviewed, want them for themselves, are they jealous of them, are they a former love, former spouse, former anything, former bookie, former drug dealer — who knows!!!

The list goes on and on —

Time elapsed is the only way to see for your own self what someone is really like. Different people bring out different qualities in one another, and that is why it’s not fair to muddy up the slate before you even begin. I mean, if we’re talking about a convicted felon, rapist, thief, et cetera — well, that’s different. But a relatively normal person you won’t know till you know. And then when you know, you’ll know for sure —on your own, and you might find them to be the worst person or maybe the best person ever to walk into your life.

Don’t ever let someone’s review cause you to miss a potential opportunity for happiness.

And one thing to remember…

“A weed in one person’s garden is a flower in another’s.”

Until Next Week,

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