The Secret of Energetic Exchange

The Secret of Energetic Exchange

Have you ever lost that loving feeling?

Ok, let me reword it a little better…

Have you ever woken up one day only to realize that the certain special feeling you had for someone or something was just gone? 

I’m about to age myself… but the Righteous Brothers used to sing a song exactly about it, and they got it right.

I mean we’re talking a total disengagement as if the connection had just disappeared—almost like a David Copperfield magic trick.


Kinda crazy, right?

Well not really. It actually happens to a lot of people.

For starters, it’s a fact that negative emotions and feelings build up in our psyches gradually and sometimes we don’t even recognize that it’s happening.

Did you ever play the game ‘Don’t Break the Ice’ as a child? If you did, then you know what I’m talking about.

The game’s premise is that eventually, the ice breaks when enough cracking and pressure is applied.

Relationships, friendships, and connections are the same way—too many cracks and pressure….look out.

All relationships are fragile and can begin to sour, like milk, for all sorts of reasons.

But here’s the clincher, when we ignore the build-up (otherwise known as relationship plaque—BTW taking credit for coining the term), poorly communicate our feelings, and turn our heads to all the red flags– we are actually creating and adding to the little cracks.

Then when you finally come to terms with dealing with the ‘plaque’—it’s too late, the connection feels too distant to save.

“Danger, danger, run Will Robinson”.

The law of “Energetic Exchange” is based on the idea that the amount of energy and time you put into any connection or relationship, is equal to what you get back from it.

When that exchange is not equal, the connection for one or both people can easily be lost.

There are 4 laws of energetic attraction:

*We attract who we are

*Intuition clarifies smart choices

*Seeing the best in people magnetizes them

*Soulful giving generates abundance

Essentially, we all evolve at different paces. If you are spiritual, you will agree that the universe brings connections in and out of our lives as learning tools.

In order for any connection to stay alive, it needs two people to be on the same page while putting in the same amount of energy towards each other—thus forming the ‘Energetic Exchange.

We’ve all had a connection in our lives that all of a sudden just doesn’t feel right anymore. Where we wake up one day and realize we are just done with a friend, or lover or partner etc. We realize we have just had enough and have no more tolerance left.

Ba and bye.

I’m not saying to do this to be malicious; I’m saying it to be authentic. Sometimes the meter on that particular relationship has just expired—even if it’s just for that moment.

Many times, connections are reconnected, when two people are in the same energetic place down the road.

I’ve had many friendships go south (and I don’t mean to Florida) only to come back and thrive years later.

Staying connected is not as simple as AT&T would like you to believe. It takes real effort and a willingness to be open and available to that special someone or something. It takes continual work and love in order to thrive. What we put into any connection is always what we get out of it.

If we put in negativity and anger and malice into any relationship, we shouldn’t be shocked when it comes right back to us. It’s the Law of Energetic Attraction.

Respect your intuitions about relationships and connections. Intuition is always right. 

And always remember… some connections are meant for a season, others for a reason and for the lucky ones—an entire lifetime.

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      Love, you see, is a really weird thing. Me, I have always had a suspicious look on all these basic human conditions. I have always, more or less, seen them as basic science. No individual has, for the absolute agreement of every other individual ever described what exactly love is or means. You see, we were taught that for each of us we would have to figure out the meaning of love ourselves, so love becomes sort of relative. So, me, I can not say I have figured out what exactly love is for me, but I guess it is about what you, internally, feel about a person. Also, I do not believe, that the feeling I do understand and witness as what I do believe means love is temporary. If you have fallen in love with someone once, the feeling of love towards that person will not faint. Rather other feelings such as anger or hatred might overcome the feeling of love like clouds sometimes are entirely covering the sun. But, now, as described by the fundamental rules of science, energy itself does not die. I do understand love as an expression of energy, so, assumably love does not die either. Which, if related to a specific individual leads me to assume that you can not force stop yourself from loving that specific individual because, as love is equal with energy, the feeling of love can not disappear it will rather become less relevant to you, somewhat like a sticker on a surface which you can not identify anymore because it has been covered up with a new sticker someone placed right on top of the old one.
      Thank you,


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