Part 2-Would you hire a "hot' nanny?

Part 2-Would you hire a "hot' nanny?

My last post on August 4th was in reference to why women should not hire a ‘hot’ nanny to care for their children.

Interestingly enough, the “New York Post” came out with an article the day after, with almost the exact title and position on the subject.

You know that song, “Things That Make You Go Hmmm”?

I must tell you, I received more e-mails, private messages and responses on that post than on any other I’ve written so far, so consider this post to be Part 2 of what I like to refer to as “Scandal Ala Au Pair.

Let’s continue.

Many of the messages claimed that I was insecure, jaded and jealous, and that I was instilling fear into mommies across America.

Fear? Really? I’m instilling actual fear?

With everything going on in the world today, is this really topping the list?


Maybe I’m just urging mommies across America to open their sleep-deprived eyes and look at things realistically.

Then came all the dads who e-mailed and messaged me, telling me how dare I speak for all men, and no matter what woman came into their home, they would NEVER cheat on their wives.

Okay, great. Glad to hear.

As William Shakespeare wrote in the play Hamlet, “The lady “in this case gentlemen” doth protest too much, methinks.”

One message actually said that if a ‘good wife’ is providing her husband with everything he needs, then he would never cheat on her with anyone – a ‘hot nanny’ included.

Ha! You’ve got to be kidding. I’m choking — maybe even gasping.

I must tell you that I did respond to that one. I just had to. My response was as follows:

“What is a wife? Walmart? She cannot possibly provide her husband with everything he needs. To say that he won’t cheat on her if she does is actually ignorant, naïve, and borders on ancient caveman views.”

I debated whether I would respond to some of the others. As usual, I took the high road and did not.

With today’s post, I am not only responding, but I am standing firm in my position and will clarify exactly why.

One reader of my blog commented that it doesn’t really matter what the nanny looks like because beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and oftentimes cheating with someone less beautiful is actually easier.

Okay, that’s true. However, my post was not about cheating per say, but more about not bringing an added element of temptation into your home.

Many single girls become nannies to find a husband. They move into a home where the husband is already established, housebroken, and of course, you guessed it -child-friendly.

I remember myself years ago looking for a nanny on a popular nanny website. WOW, so many of them were absolutely stunning. A few even wrote that they were looking only to work for single fathers.

I actually commented on one profile, “Are you looking to be a nanny or a wife?”

Why do I think that last statement is going to have women wanting to burn me at the stake? Just so you know up front, I’m not a fan of temps over 85 degrees Fahrenheit, but I assure you I can handle the heat.

If I were Jennifer Garner and married to Ben Affleck, my first choice in hiring a nanny would not be a young, beautiful, single woman. I don’t consider that discrimination. I call it protecting your family unit and decreasing temptation.

It’s called good sense.

I do realize there are beautiful nannies that would never go after any husband, many husbands that would never want to do a single thing inappropriate with their children’s nanny, and many genuine people out there with the truest of intentions — I get that.

But life is a jungle, and I see it as survival of the fittest.

Ever heard of it? It’s Darwinism at its finest. The strongest and smartest live and go on to thrive. That is why in the animal kingdom of life, it is not too bright to bring in a better, younger or stronger threat into your lion’s den.


This is just common sense, in my opinion. And for all those naysayers who question my insecurity, I say this: I am not insecure, nor am I so delusional as to think that human nature does not play a role in life’s challenges.

Monogamy is a choice. We fall in love, we marry, we start a family, and what once was exciting may no longer be novel when real life sets in.

This is normal. This is inevitable. This is reality. And this is when danger has the potential to strike.

This is also why someone attractive, nurturing and new is not my idea of a good addition to the nuclear family.

Call me names, go right ahead, because in the end, the proof is in the pudding. We wouldn’t even be having this conversation if it weren’t a true concern.

Fear-monger? No.

Realistic? Yes.

I believe that forewarned is forearmed.

So the rest is up to you. If you disagree with me, that’s perfectly fine. Go right ahead and hire away.

As for me…

Well, let’s just say that the only other spectacular-looking women living in my home will be my daughters.

Until Next Time,



2 Responses

    1. Protest, not profess.

    2. Men or women cheat when their needs aren’t being fulfilled. Reasonable or unreasonable needs. I have never heard of a happily married couple divorcing. Maybe Jennifer Garner nagged ben. Maybe ben was an a-hole. Maybe…just maybe he would have cheated anyways, even if the nanny wasn’t so hot (she is a cute girl, btw)

    3 I have no problem in saying that while temptation is all around, I would never cheat on my wife, even if the live in nanny was hot. I have plenty of opportunities for temptation every day, but my choice is to be faithful.

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