Love is on it's Way

Love is on it's Way

Heres’ a great article written by my friend, Andrew Bassano Brewer…

It is so interesting to me how many women I speak with that are in their early 40’s who feel so down about their prospects regarding love… these are women who are beautiful, highly accomplished and not far removed from times in their lives when they were popular and “sought after”– in many cases these women were professional models and actresses, noted for their stunning looks.


Yet this reoccurring theme of, “the train has left the station” persists.

However, it has been my experience, both “as a boy” and as a professional psychic who talks with LOTS of women, that this period in the late 30’s and early to mid-40’s is kind of a “Golden Time” where women are still physically beautiful, their “heads are on right”, they are sexual, with a bank of experiences and are less likely to “conform” to a herd mentality, as they may have been in their 20’s.

The list of positive attributes can get pretty long–

In other words, a pretty good list of REALLY good things–

And this doesn’t end at 45 either!!!!!

My mother is 89 and recently went out with a 29 year OLD and also got proposed to (again) just last week, while she was laying in bed with a broken pelvic bone!!!

So there is hope for all of us…

Marriage and dating is “different” now and there are lots of OTHERS who are also single and looking for a partnership with a magical, wonderful partner. So, if this scenario above speaks to you and how you feel now, please consider this:

I talk to a LOT of women and it is in the ‘rarest of rare cases’ in which I don’t expect and (“see”) something positive for their future in terms of “romantic partners”

Love “comes” when it is meant to come and you have a giant hand in helping speed that along. Your past experiences may have been painful, they may have taken you (seemingly) “off course” — but a day will come (this may be next week, it may be 2 years down the road)

when you will see that past “experience” — much as it may have hurt at the time — had actually helped prepare you for something so much better. And in most cases and times– way better!!!


If you don’t give up . . . things (and events) won’t give up on you, either!!!

–Andrew Bassano Brewer

“Andrew Brewer, “The Rock n Roll Psychic”, is an Internationally televised Clairvoyant, Astrologer, and “Past Life” Reader with over 3000 radio, TV, and film appearances to his credit.  He has been listed in multiple publications as “One of the Top 100 Psychics in the World”, “One of the Top 100 Light Workers in the World” and/or “One of the Top 30 Psychics in the United States”. Andrew was also voted, in a poll of over 500,000 voters in 190 countries, as “One of the 10 Best Looking Male Psychics in the World”

The author of 10 books and creator of 3 Tarot / Divination Decks, Andrew is a former corporate executive, twice selected for inclusion in “Who’s Who of Executives and Professionals”.  He is a recognized authority on past lives and reincarnation as well as the integration of business and intuition”.

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