Are You Just A Michigan Summer?

Are You Just A Michigan Summer?

Today, I would like to introduce you to my first guest blogger, Karen Kogan Rosenzweig. While I’d love to do everything, yesterday and the days going forward I have been swamped with media for The Relationship Realist. If you didn’t see my appearance yesterday on Fox News Detroit…click the link below.

Enjoy her amazing post!!

I live in Michigan, and right now it is very cold. When snow is no longer on the ground, clouds are grey, and spring is not around the corner, it’s bleak. People become depressed and covet a ticket to a warm state just for a mere glimpse of sunshine, the Vitamin D that makes life wonderful, birds sing and puts a skip in your step.

But soon, Spring comes and there’s hope. By the time summer arrives it’s the most beautiful State you’ve ever seen. Everything is colorful. Neighbors are seen again, and kids are on their bikes and playing outside. Lots of parties and celebrations just to celebrate. Wow! It’s so beautiful here, utopia.

But is it really? Is the beauty we feel and see for real, or is it just so fantastic because most of the year is so awful?

This is the Analogy to the partner or spouse that is a bear and once in awhile smiles and acts nice to pull you back in.

Every day of your life should be a Michigan summer. Whether you are single, in a relationship, or married.

Good relationships do not come in spurts. They all have their ups and downs but they’re pulled into the gravity of mutual respect, trust, and love.

There must be that component to make your love life steady and complete during the worst of your relationship’s winter days.

I’m divorced, and this time around I’m smarter, wiser, and not so eager to jump into a Michigan Summer. The season doesn’t last forever, and it takes time to learn who a person really is.

Does this person have the reputation of being a good man or good woman? Do they have forever good friends and are admired for their character, not the toys they have? Do you really love this person or are you settling? See one Red Flag and run. No one is perfect but use your intuition. Don’t settle.

This is your time to be in charge of yourself and feelings and you make the choice. You’re too good to be in a bleak, cloudy, relationship. Respect yourself enough to be patient and know when the right person has come to you. Never connect with someone because you’re lonely.

That will only lead to a lonely marriage.

Choose wisely and patiently. This is for the rest of your life. Your life should not be seasonal.

That’s ALL,

Karen Kogan Rosenzweig

Karen Kogan Rosenzweig is a
Floridian turned Michigander
Entrepreneur and Creator of That’s All. LLC
Attorney- Michigan and Florida
Past columnist for My Metro You Magazine
FB- That’s All Greetings


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    I fell in love with your cards last year. I am looking for the one that says “you’re stuck with me”
    Can you help?

      Hi Mary,
      Which cards are you speaking of??? I’m happy to help if I can.

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