Hello ForeverHer...

Hello ForeverHer...

So as many have already seen in some of my Instagram and Facebook posts, I have been given the great honor of merging, www.therelationshiprelaist.com with the incredible site, www.ForeverHer.net

At ForeverHer.net we support and share ageless advice for women to stay forever FIT, YOUNG and FABULOUS. We bring our community insightful experts, cutting-edge health, wellness, lifestyle trends and products empowering women to be their best self.

All good things, right?


I love that this amazing platform/site is about helping women to become the best version of themselves while providing different opinions; ideas and information that will help facilitate each individual in their effort.

In addition to becoming a partner in this endeavor, I will still be writing as a ‘relationship expert’ on all the hot topics that I have been writing about for all these years.

“C’mon, you didn’t’ think I was going to stop that, did you?”


This has definitely been a journey for me. Starting out as a blogger, changing identities after 3 years (for reasons I can’t discuss but we can safely say there was an issue with my former blog name) and now I am merging with a full women’s online presence.

You can’t make this stuff up.

You know what they say, “Man makes a plan and G-d laughs.”

I’m truly thrilled about the merge. I feel great about it and I have been working very hard with my new partners, Ali Kramer and Sarah Rusk to transition the new site into everything I’ve ever wanted and more.

In addition to the new merge, I have a few other things in the pipeline, as well.

I’ll keep you posted on those…

Can’t wait to see you at the new site.

I invite you to join me— and make ForeverHer.net part of your ageless journey to health, happiness, and beauty— from the inside out.

All my best!!




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