Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!!! Here’s a quick question for all you trick-or-treaters out there…at what point did we switch adjectives and change happy Halloween to slutty Halloween?

Not judging…simply asking.

Wasn’t Halloween about innocent children going door to door in harmless costumes asking for some Hershey kisses as a treat to be placed in an old pillow case? When did it go from that to women encouraged to dress up in anything that has the prefix of “sexy,” “slutty” or “naughty” and begging for a trick on a pillow case?

Seriously…it’s like all of a sudden this pagan holiday went from night of the walking dead to night of the streetwalkers.

From fairytale princesses to doctors and more…every costume has an x-rated version. (And plus size, mind you).

Even animals have been brought into the mix. Wanna be a sexy bunny? You got it! Slutty kitten? Meow, meow — they have it. Disobedient nun? All the better… Naughty nurse to kiss your boo-boo?? You betcha.

You get the drift.

It’s almost comical that a tradition that evolved from the ancient Celtic holiday of the Samhain has become less about ghosts and ghouls and more about the pervs and twisted.

I am cracking up that a holiday that has zero to do with dressing scantily has turned into the one day of the year that you can show enough skin to get an accurate “all-body mole check.”

Let’s proceed…

I remember in “Mean Girls,” (my fav movie, btw) Lindsay Lohan who played Cady (but pronounced Katie) said, “In girl world, Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress like a total slut — and no other girls can say anything about it.” (Oh, but we still say something, don’t we, ladies?)

Listen…I‘m certainly not making a judgment. I am no innocent bambino. I, Buddha Barbie, admit to dressing up more times than I can recount as a misbehaved French maid — fishnets, stilettos and all.

I’m just saying that when your 11-year-old asks to be a bunny but then proceeds to take that extra step in saying, “But not a slutty bunny, Mommy” — I must wonder how that even became an option.

I remember Halloween when I was growing up like it was yesterday. Of course, it was the ’80s and life was just a bit different — still… my mom dressed me up each year as a fashionable gypsy — meaning a gypsy with red lipstick and perfectly done-up eyes, smokey grey eyeshadow – all of it.

There I was in a long dress and apron, with a bandana/babushka around my head, adorned with a full face of makeup and real gold hoops.

Wow…thinking back, I think I probably looked like a cross between a character on “Breaking Amish” and a contestant on “Toddlers and Tiaras.”

It was innocent back then.

In the back of my mind, I can’t help but think that we all choose our costumes based on who our alter ego really is. Go with me on this for a minute.

Somewhere down deep in our souls, our costume choice is the truest expression of who we really are or want to be, but can’t tell the world.

Kinda like Bruce Wayne and Batman.

I remember years ago going to a costume party with a bunch of couples. There we stood, four girlfriends staring into the mirror bursting out laughing simultaneously. We had all dressed in our inappropriately very sexy costumes — but they were all so different from each other, yet so reflective of who we really were.

There in the mirror stood Halloween’s very own Breakfast Club, alter ego style. You had the sexy french maid, slutty policewoman, naughty commando chic, and badly-behaved biker babe.

Yes, there we all stood, and believe me when I say — those costumes were our true personalities coming out for just a brief moment in the sun before going back into hibernation for a whole other year.

Funny enough…only one out of the four of us actually remained married. If you’re curious which one — she was the slutty policewoman. Go figure!

So my little trick or treaters…if there is a lesson to be learned from any of this, it is that Halloween means different things to us as we grow from childhood to adulthood. Hopefully, the playful part of our personalities can come out for just the night and enjoy the experience as much as when we were kids. As for me this Halloween, well… I’ll be flying the friendly skies as a slutty stewardess.

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