Everybody has a Story...

Everybody has a Story...

I’m starting a new section to Buddha Barbie called, “Everybody has a story”. Each week I well feature a story that shows survival and coming together after adversity– written by every day people, in their very own words. These stories are about life, love, break up’s, make up’s and everything else in between. I’ll pick each week one to post. Of course they can be anonymous and I will never print your name unless you’d like me to. Please copy and paste “your story” at my web site www.BuddhaBarbie.com and I’ll post all the replies and comments, as well.


Thank you and I’m looking forward to reading all about “your story”.



Break up- to make up!!

The relationship I’ve had with my man could rival any Cedar Point roller coaster ride. Ups and downs and twists and turns… And for a girl who gets motion sick at the drop of a hat, lets just say it hasn’t been easy breezy. My most traumatic breakup happened when several years into my relationship I had decided that I wanted to break up. I can’t recall specifically why I wanted it over but I think it was because I was noticing certain behaviors that I didn’t like or want; so I took out a cleaver and cut. Fast forward to two nights later and I’m home, it’s late and I hear the phone ring. I answer it and it’s my ex-husband asking me for my ex- boyfriends number… He’s hysterical and when I asked what was wrong; my ex husband informs me that my ex boyfriend has ” hooked up ” with his current fiancé. Jerry Springer show here I come!!! I was in such shock at that moment I couldn’t form a cohesive thought. You see the woman in question had hated me since she started dating my ex husband. She hated that we were friends, hated my kids because they were from our marriage, hated every time the parental child switch occurred and we had to have contact and she basically made my life and my kids lives a living hell.  To make matters worse, she had a very similar look as me and the obvious comparisons had plagued me since the beginning. So after I broke up with my ex boyfriend, he went out and got drunk and ran into this monster woman. Let’s call her femme letramp. Femme letramp saw an opportunity to hurt me with the man who wanted me to be hurt, perfect!  What happened after that is a blur of panic, pain, and the tremors (for over a year I had) that the neurologist termed “benign fasciculation’s”. I was in complete shock that he would choose her to lick his wounds… literally. I was devastated. I lost ten pounds in a just a few days and was taking Valium to sleep. Nothing worked. In the end he was the only one who could help me through it.  It took a long time, but I ended up marrying him and we’ve been on that roller coaster ever since.


Michelle 45

Akron, Ohio


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