Does Size Really Matter?

Does Size Really Matter?

Here’s the age-old question…does size really matter? In some cases… yes, it actually really and truly does. I find that most people tend to either be upsizing or downsizing in every aspect of their lives- never really satisfied with the size they have. Go figure.


Let’s take clothing size for example. Most women will tell you that when they go up a dress size, pant size, or skirt size, they are miserable. The quest to be thin, stay fit is an unstoppable pursuit. So in this case, a smaller size is desired most; by many.


How about home size? When couples first get married and are starting out, they usually buy a small home to move into. As time goes on and children come along (mixed in with an increase in finances) seeking a new “larger” home becomes the next gradual step to take. By then, the couple has probably outgrown their small nest and the need for a larger home to accommodate a growing family becomes necessary. Ironically, when the kids grow up– that same home usually becomes too large and the need to downsize becomes the brand new reality.


Let’s talk finances… It appears everyone is always looking to increase his/her bank account. In this area, most would confirm that they believe…bigger is better! (I’m sure you guessed that one)


Everyone has an ideal size in their minds for each and everything in life. For example, let’s take a look at body parts. While some men prefer women with a smaller tuchas, (Yiddish for rear end) there are those men out there who would prefer a larger more substantial derriere.  So in this case, it’s hard to say—both bigger and smaller are good. Just depends whose judging and how much liquor is involved.


How about America’s obsession with breast size? Every woman I know is either looking to increase or decrease the size of their breasts.  Plastic surgeons have made a great living off of this premise. Since society puts so much emphasis on beauty and external looks, we are never satisfied with what we see in the mirror.  The endless quest to make our body parts either bigger or smaller (or tighter) never ends.


If we worried more about the size of our hearts and souls or the depth of our character as much as the external—the world would be a better place to live in.


How about women’s opinions on men’s body parts? Some women prefer taller gents while other’s like them short. Some women favor a body builder, while other ladies just like ‘em lean.


There are countless quotes on the subject of men and size—not just height size…but ya know—size of the sword. (cough, cough)


I could go on and on and on. Without touching upon this subject too much (no pun intended) let’s just say, that while most women will tell you that “it’s not the size of the wand but the magic it can perform”, other women would disagree and profess that, “the guy with the larger caliber weapon usually wins the gun fight”. Sorry boys.


Most men will tell you, if they themselves, feel they have fallen short in this area (again, no pun intended but it just doesn’t seem to stop) they will try and make up for it with increasing the size of their wallets (you do know I’m referring to finances, right?) or increasing the amount they spend on a ridiculously expensive fast car as if that makes up for the “size” shortage.


As a nation, we are obsessed with lip size, thigh size, butt size, nose size, waist size. We women spend countless hours dissecting which parts of our bodies need to be made bigger or smaller. Size, size, size.


According to the experts…when woman age, we are supposed to cut our hair shorter, lengthen our skirts, raise our standards and necklines, decrease our stress, increase our exercise, decrease our sodium, increase our fluids—everything has to do with size and amounts.


I dare suggest that the emphasis of size should be placed on the size of our hearts the size of the people whose lives we’ve touched for the better, and the amount of people who we have loved when our days are over.


These are the numbers that should really matter and define who we are. Perhaps if our focus on size could be placed on more positive aspects of our lives –we would be more satisfied and less inclined to care about the growing or shrinking size of the superficial parts of our lives.


It is important to know that internal beauty has no size.


In the end, just remember…the size that matters most– is the size of our hearts and its capacity to love.


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