Break-up and Relationship Email Coaching

I don’t know a thing about fixing hearts medically—but I do know how to repair a broken heart.

Over the past few years I have been educating myself when it comes to matters of love and I have leveraged my experience both firsthand and through classes on how to help mend those with shattered hearts.

That’s why I decided to start E-coaching.

Coaching Packages

$250 for 10 sessions
$125 for 4 sessions
$35 for 1 session

Email coaching is a flexible, easy-to-use, and highly accessible new alternative for clients. It is available as another means of support. It is an alternative form of healing and a form of homeopathic treatment that aids in the recovery process of broken hearts. While I have been successful in helping many—I’m the first to say that this site should never be used in place of traditional therapy.

Advantages of Email Coaching:

-It may feel more comfortable to purge via email, using written words and it may encourage some people to open up even more;

-You have plenty of time to think before you put your thoughts into words and send an email

-You can save all the emails, reread and reuse them anytime you want to get inspired or get practical insights

-As a standalone service, it is less expensive and easier to use than coaching via phone or Skype.


-Each email response I send is customized for the client’s context and needs.

-If I need additional information from you in order to provide a response, I’ll ask for it before I send you my official, paid email response.

-Responding to emails from clients in a timely manner is a priority for me. I typically answer emails within 48 hours and at times even within a couple of hours.

-With my email response, I may include attachments or links to additional resources.

If you have any questions about my email coaching services, contact me and I’ll reply promptly. I look forward to working with you.