Bye Bye Buddha Barbie

Bye Bye Buddha Barbie

I have some incredible news to share with you today.“It’s about accepting and embracing change”. 

I’ve been a writer for over 20 years and have enjoyed every minute of creating content that provides humor, insight, words of wisdom and love.

Out of that desire, almost 3 years ago, I started a blog to share my thoughts with all that were interested or could relate.

And that blog grew.

And it grew…

Buddha Barbie grew into such a success that a major conglomerate “toy company”—having absolutely NOTHING TO DO with what I talk about on my blog—decided that little ol’ me, born and raised in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan posed a threat to their very large empire.

All I can say is that I’m speechless and um…

“This was definitely not my intent or even anywhere in my vision”.


This certain “toy company” actually hired a legal firm in my own hometown, to shut me down.

Shocking right?

Well, when I received their letter, I was a little startled too.

While those close to me thought it was the classic BIG business putting an end to the ma and pa shop and so unfair –

blah, blah, blah…

I didn’t see it that way.


You know how I viewed it?

I was and still am extremely flattered.

I worked hard. And I did it right.  I trademarked my name and logo, successfully I might add, and this BIG Company filed (in the 11th hour) to legally stop me from using the name and blog I had worked so hard to create.

Hard to imagine, right?

Here I was, minding my own business, doing what I do best, giving out relationship and life advice and boom- they came along with their BIG, strong arms, and unlimited resources-posturing with a resemblance the likes of King Kong.

Ok, I get it…I had a name that they believed resembled theirs – ya, ya, ya …

But I used it more as an adjective that my readers could relate to.

And they did.

My blog name was intended to represent the beauty and strength of a woman with deep spirituality, a force we–as women– hold deep within our core and ourselves.

At the time I received the BIG news- I was scheduled for a vacation with my boyfriend and his family.

Most people would view this as bad timing.

Not me.

I saw this as an opportunity to clear my head and explore what I really wanted.

While I was a little surprised that such a large company would not only spend time, but also their money shutting down a small time blogger like myself-

I quickly came to realize that in reality I’m NOT the small time blogger I viewed myself as…

My message was reaching and impacting a lot of people.

I mentally reassessed the situation. Having had close to half a million readers interact with my words—

I was most certainly NOT small.

And it became clearer that I make a commitment to never view myself as small again.

I contemplated a name change, which reminded me of what I did when my third child was born. Five weeks after my beautiful daughter’s birth, I changed her name.

Crazy, right?

Everyone was shocked, but it needed to be done. Intrinsically I knew we had given her the wrong name. I remember thinking at the time that a name doesn’t make the person; it’s the person that makes the name.

Well, today is no different.

I birthed the name Buddha Barbie. I fed her, grew her, and let her shine.

And now it’s time to let her name go.

The reality is that in many ways I have outgrown Buddha Barbie. She was a stepping-stone for something greater…

A new platform. A new destination.

Sometimes life has a way of showing you signs to let go when the battle is simply no longer worth the effort.

This can come in the form of a relationship, a friendship, a job, a career— anything.

“But when it’s time to let go- we just know it.

Ultimately the success of my former blog WASN’T because of the name. It was because of my message. The message my loyal readers keep asking for.

A message I choose to continue to convey.

I have been asked many questions about what I am going to do since this letter arrived.

Well, now I am ready to share.

After 5 months of negotiations with this “toy company”and complying with their cease and desist, I’m happy to say that everyone got what they wanted and I am beyond thrilled to announce the new blog, the new name and the more “me” version of Buddha Barbie.

I am proud to REVEAL my new stage…

“The Relationship Realist”.

Relationships are my passion and they are where I have truly focused my energy on for years.  Sharing advice to those that want it and to those who could certainly benefit from it.

This new blog, like the other, will shed light on the reality of your current relationship and give you realistic advice on a wide-range of all relationship topics like you’ve never had it before.

I look forward to this new project and thank you all for you’re continued love and support.


The Relationship Realist


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    You mean more to a lot of real people with real concerns than a philosophical toy anyway! Love, Konfucious Ken

      Thank you so much!! Missed it, too. Very much!! Glad to be back!!

    Glad to experience the new and improved.
    I’m onboard

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