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Blog Roll

When the incredibly beautiful, funny and ever-so- talented Robyn Storchen-Coden of the highly popular blog: Dim Sum and Doughnuts ( asked me if I wanted to do a “Blog Roll,” I accepted without hesitation; even though I had no possible clue what it was that I was accepting. I truly had no idea what she was talking about, but I was deeply honored that she thought of me. I mean, WOW, how great!! I was beaming with joy when I heard because I respect Robyn’s wit and humor so much. Whatever she wanted me to be part of I was going to say yes to…I mean who wouldn’t??? (Unless it was an invitation to some sort of Manson family cult). She brings me to tears (in the good way) upon reading each and every one of her posts. They are truly funny and very real. I like Robyn’s take on life and I can relate to many of the topics she discusses.


I know Robyn mentioned she thought a Blog roll made her think of a HO-HO (which btw, I have never tried). I think Robyn can’t understand why I haven’t tried it. Probably for the same reason that my mother made me wait until I was 18 to get my ears pierced (just one of those things). I explained to Robyn that I only use the word Ho-Ho when describing a woman who has her “tzaskies” hanging out. In Yiddish that means boobs.


Initially for me, a blog roll sounded like a group of bloggers who want to discuss the fat accumulating around their waste from not having time to exercise because they’re writing all day. I was wrong.


Anyway, here are the questions that were given to me to answer about my writing.




About Three weeks ago I launched a blog by the name of Buddha Barbie. (

It’s a self-help blog with an objective on education, experience, spirituality and of course frivolity…I guess you could say it’s introspective in its own way.

Prior to creating this blog I have published two popular children’s books; “One to Ten and Over Again” and ”There’s a fly in my soup”. Both books can be purchased at Amazon and Barnes and Noble online. I have visited over 100 schools reading to children and speaking to them about writing. I love children and I love writing for them. However, recently I decided that I wanted to share my life’s experiences on a bigger scale with a larger platform. That’s when the idea of Buddha Barbie really came alive. (That sounded sorta creepy didn’t it??? Like my mind is some sort of scientific lab… but I promise it’s not). I love the Buddha Barbie premise because it sends a message to “not judge a book by its cover”. I’m hoping to add laughter and homeopathic remedies to everyday issues that women face (or men if they want to read too!!!) They are always welcome to read away. Btw, Buddha Ken has not yet been perfected yet; therefore production hasn’t begun. That’s been a big question among my readers!!J



While I have read many blogs, novels and probably every self-help book out there, I have not yet found something that is similar to what I am offering with my blog. What I am offering is the advice and introspective opinion from the girl you could call “your friend”. I’m someone who has been through many life experiences as a daughter, sister, mother, aunt, wife, girlfriend and friend. I’m not old, just wise beyond my years. I think maybe my soul was put into the wrong body because I’m rather certain I am an elderly woman from the old country inside. Either way, I give advice, (though I’m not an expert) and hope that I make a difference in people’s lives.



I write because it’s my passion. I’ve had many people in my life try and squash my dream because they thought they knew what was best for me to do with my life. I pursue my writing dream because it fulfills me and I find it rewarding to connect with people (whether children or adults) through my written words. I write what I know and what I have experienced and most notably what I have learned.



I think of all my writing ideas and topics from everyday things that I think or see. Many of my friends or people around now stop me in the street to give me ideas on what they would love to see in a post. I carry my iphone everywhere and type into my “note section” every little thing that I think is funny. If all else fails in finding blog material…I simply call up one of my sisters and our lame conversations will surely drudge up working material. After I come up with a theme for the post, I sit down at my desk at home and try to write as much as I can before getting interrupted by one of my kids, sisters, mother, friends etc. It’s hard and I have to keep on reiterating to my kids that I’m not on my computer playing around on facebook; that I’m really working.



My writing doesn’t work with too many interruptions. I lose my train of thought and become like Dori from the movie “Finding Nemo”. I must add that when there’s any crisis going on in my world… watch out because I can’t even write my name let alone a whole post.


Who’s next? I’m passing the torch to Melissa Brodsky…


Melissa Brodsky has been blogging since the dinosaurs roamed. She started 7 years ago at “Such Simple Pleasures” and had to shut that down due to family issues. Because she couldn’t stay away from the whole spilling her life online, she resurfaced as Rock and Drool ( )where she’s been for the past 6 years. She feels she has begun to outgrow the space and is in the process of rebranding. Her new site, Midcentury Modern Woman  ( will be up and running sometime in July. It’s an online magazine dedicated to women 40 and over and will offer real life stories from real women…not always glitter and kittens.

Blogging evolved for Melissa and created a freelance career of website content creation and social media community management.


She has a mobile app that is in development. It’s top secret, at the moment but she is waiting for the go-ahead so she can announce it to the world. Patience is not one of her virtues.


Melissa also pens paranormal romance novels as well as YA paranormal novels. Her latest, Adina Falling, is currently being reworked because she decided she didn’t like the cliffhanger ending. She is hoping to rerelease Adina Falling in August but it depends on how busy her husband and five children keep her. She’s keeping her fingers crossed that the locks of her bathroom hold.


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