Our Big Announcement Has Arrived...

Our Big Announcement Has Arrived...

Growing up, I was always a sharer. I shared my lunches, I shared my clothes — I pretty much shared most things (of course, not my men —not ever).

It could be because I was the third child and baby of my family and already accustomed to sharing, or it could be that I just was a sharer by nature.

Who knows and, frankly, who cares. The good part of this is that “sharing is caring” and this is a good thing.



I’ve often been accused of having too soft of a heart. When women are nasty or backstabbing, I take it with a grain of salt and try to empathize instead of getting angry with them. I learned long ago that the way someone feels about you is more a reflection of how they feel about themselves.


I like to refer to this as the ol‘ “A weed in one’s garden is a blossoming flower in another’s” philosophy.

When I started my blog two and a half years ago, someone once said to me, “I hope you have thick skin, Karin, because you’re really putting yourself out there.”

To which I replied, “Is there any other kind”?

Don’t forget, I am the direct offspring of a Holocaust survivor. We are a tough group of cookies.

And let me tell you a little something else…

We don’t crumble. 

My father was one of so few to survive the Holocaust. The odds so low, the journey so rough. And to think how he went on to thrive is just beyond incredible.

This blog was intended to help guide readers with humor and wisdom. It wasn’t a personal diary or a way to bash anyone. It was merely a platform to add my own personal compass to this world.

You know, spread the goodness in honor of my father. 

Now with Buddha Barbie growing and growing and my posts reaching so many people in so many countries, one can now understand the impact and affect one survivor has had on this world.

So I got to thinking this summer about how I could make a bigger difference in this world with my already established platform.

After two months of pondering behind the scene, I finally figured it out and had the epiphany I had been waiting for.

I was taught that one candle can light another without ever shortening its own life. Well, here at Buddha Barbie, I am incredibly proud to announce that we are going to be lighting a whole lot of candles.

I’m taking my stage and inviting the most incredible women to join, which will allow them all to shine in their own unique fields.

I already have a waiting list of amazing bloggers, writers, experts — all women, all incredibly bright in their own light — wanting to come on board and share the “Buddha love.”

Buddha Barbie is now officially a destination spot where all women can land for important information on anything from sex to motherhood, fashion to intuition — and everything in between.

Of course, I will continue to write and focus on relationships, etc., but I’m not doing it alone anymore.

It takes a village to raise a child — and in this case, grow a blog.

So I would love to introduce my new Buddha Tribe.

Introducing  —

Melissa Brodsky Chief Buddha officer, author, blogger, writer, and overall good girl. Yay!!!

Buddha Ambassadors:

Ilyse Aaron – A personal trainer and meal plan expert. She has a huge clientele and is considered one of the very best in her field. She is a two-time NPC bikini competitor that placed in the top 3.

Dr. Karen Stewart A licensed clinical psychologist in Beverly Hills, CA. She specializes in sexual dysfunction and has worked with countless individuals and couples to help them regain their sexual relationships . Currently, Dr. Karen is in production for a new TV series and is a regular guest on Playboy Radio

[email protected]

Elizabeth Belkin  Our Buddha fashionista and fashion consultant for TheRealReal. She has worked for some of the greatest brands, including Miu Miu, Bulgari, Cartier and Giorgio Armani. She will be providing great fashion advice and tips that I know we will ALL need!!!

[email protected]

Amanda WoodwardA nationally-based sexologist and activist on the most interesting topic in the world: sex. She has a B.A. in Sexuality, Marriage, and Family, and M.Ed. in Human Sexuality Education, and it also means she has the coolest job ever!

Rabbi Tamara Kolton -Tamara is an ordained rabbi, Ph.D., and psychotherapist, who practices in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Her work is all about helping people heal. Rabbi Kolton leads with feminine spirituality and a touch of Zen. Currently, she is writing her first book: “Oranges for Eve”.

[email protected]

Aluna Michaels, M.A. Our esoteric Astrologer who will reveal our monthly horoscope and what is coming ahead.


Sabrina Must Our Buddha “millennial.” She writes about all the fun stuff that I wish I had known in my 20’s and early 30’s. She uses the written word to inspire others to be authentic and raw. A graduate of Johns Hopkins and Northwestern University, she shares her stories on her blog, and is the author of “Must Girls Love.”


Stacy Bishop– She is a passionate yoga instructor who focuses on paving a peaceful, loving path towards developing and restoring personal and interpersonal relationships.

[email protected] 

Karen Jayne – A revolutionary personal fulfillment expert and life coach who specializes in relationships, starting with the one you have with yourself, and overall amazing woman. Her lectures are both inspiring and empowering.


Paula Raskin  Chief Buddha editor, proofreader, court reporter and lifelong friend.

[email protected]

Laura Solomon– Lives in West Bloomfield with her perfect ‘saint of a husband’ and some of her nine children. She is the author of, “Normal Life” and writes about everything under the sun.

[email protected]

Annette Benson– Founder of Annette Benson Law. She’s been practicing family law for over 22 years. She graduated from University of Detroit Mercy Law School and helps her clients with every aspect of their case. Her office is located in Bingham Farms, Michigan.


Dr. Robin Lipski– She is more than just a doctor. She’s a friend to all her patients. She specializes in family care and addiction.

Monica Goodwin LLMSW– Having received her masters in social work, she is currently working on opening a practice where she will specialize in family dynamics.

Those are just a few names, but we have so many others joining daily.

Currently, we are taking advertisers, affiliates and questions on any topic of choice.

If you’d like us to endorse your business or event, write for us or have us write a review. Please direct all inquiries to:

[email protected] or [email protected]

Thank you for all your support, and we look forward to providing you with many laughs, solid advice, unwavering support, and tons of love along the way.




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