I Have To Bare My Soul On This One, Kim!

I Have To Bare My Soul On This One, Kim!
Okay, Kim. You have definitely caused the world to talk. I give you credit – good or bad, you surely know how to churn up the chatter…that’s for damn sure!

I saw Kim Kardashian’s pics online last week, along with the rest of the human race. While I had many feelings come to mind, I couldn’t form just one simple opinion or view. I couldn’t because I am truly torn.

Let me tell you why…

First of all, I am not a woman hater. I am the kind of woman that is proud of other women’s success and empowerment. I can compliment a woman on her beauty, success, boyfriend, new home, et cetera, without as much as a bat of my eyelashes.

I am not the least bit jealous, nor have I ever been. In fact, I think more women should be advocates for each other. I think it’s important…very!! I also believe that if we women would stop bashing one another, life would be a whole lot better. Imagine the levels to which we could soar united?

Okay, back to Kim.

Kim, Kim, Kim. I think I know what’s happened. Here’s my truest guesstimation on the psychology behind your nude photos.

I think after women have babies, we sometimes feel a little less sexual and a lot more ‘mommylike.’ It’s hard to feel like that pre-baby ‘hot fox‘ again because society has put us into the mommy category. Sometimes that category says mommies can’t be a sex symbol anymore…you know, the category that wears lulus right up until bedtime, drives minivans and walks around unshowered, without makeup and in sneakers – which, by the way, is totally fine. (Okay, just for the record, this was NEVER me.)

I think Kim was trying to show the world that she is still the same sweltering vixen she was prior to baby North’s entrance. She wants to keep her title of steamy seductress and make sure nobody puts “Baby” in the not-sexy corner.

Okay, I get it.

However, she IS a mom. Let us not forget that one tidbit here. So when we are trying to remain hot foxes after our babies are born, we need to do it with a little more taste and discretion… out of respect for our children.

I think Kim is beautiful. I think she is an exquisite woman who has risen to huge fame based on her looks. I’m okay with that. I’ll even go further and say that when God gives you a toolbox filled with ‘tools o’ plenty,’ why not use every single one?

Here’s where I have the issue. Kim didn’t have to show full frontal. I think it crossed the line in every area. She is BEGGING the world to see her for how she was prior to becoming a mommy. Kinda desperate, don’t you think? I do.

But I think a woman can be even sexier and hotter after a baby without having to show the world her ‘great divide.’

Had it just been the booty shot and nothing else…it would have been sufficient. Had it been the side view without frontal…it would have been sufficient. It was a little more than necessary, in general, but I could have dealt with the full booty…even though it looks like it was rubbed in a bucket of Johnson & Johnson’s baby oil. I sorta felt greasy after seeing it…not sure why.

Anyway, Kim…not your best decision. But who am I to judge? I took a pic in an Indian Sari.

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