Are You Living With Regret?

Are You Living With Regret?

Do you live with regret? Do you look back continuously on your past and think to yourself how and why you could have done such a thing?


It’s interesting how we get so mad when others hurt us, but yet we psychologically torture our own selves daily with rehashing the past and ways we could have done it differently or “better.”


I believe we all have choices in life, and I also believe that the choices we make are the choices that are right for us at that exact time we make them. Good, bad, or indifferent — it’s these choices that teach us what we need to learn and take us to a new level if we allow them to.


There are very few decisions that I truly regret in life. Sure, there are a few things that if I could have done them a little differently, I’m sure I would have. But when those thoughts start to creep into my head, I realize, rather quickly, that I have grown from those exact decisions and choices.


So in the end…those decisions that we may think we could have done differently are actually our greatest life lessons and needed to be done precisely in that same exact way in order to get to where we are today.


When you make life decisions, try very hard to make them with your future mind. Try to think to yourself, “How will this affect me in five weeks, five months or five years?”


I meet people daily that are living in a state of perpetual remorse, focused on only looking back at the past. Their regret is so deep and so encompassing that they cannot live life in the present. Instead of growing from their past decisions, they get stuck in them and are unable to move forward in their lives.


Dr. Wayne Dyer writes about anger and regret and letting go. He likes to compare regret and anger to the likes of a snake bite. He explains that no one ever dies from the bite itself – but rather from the venom that goes throughout one’s body. Metaphorically, that venom is called regret. It is regret that leads to anger and anger that leads to sickness.


When we make the same mistakes twice – that’s okay, too. That just means we are still learning and haven’t quite gone to the next level. I find that people are way too hard on themselves. We all make mistakes – and sometimes we make them over and over again. (Actually, that’s the definition of insanity, but we are all a little cray-cray, right?)


The point is to enjoy the journey, grow from our choices, and be thankful for what we have now.


I teach my children how to be grateful each day. Finding gratitude is not always easy, but it’s a great way to feel better when you feel regret or anger taking over your mind.


Life is challenging to all of us. It can be hard, hurtful, boring, unpredictable, unfulfilling, scary, et cetera. I could go on and on.


We all experience twists and turns that are unforeseen and unexpected. Not one of us is exempt.


The challenge is to rise from these twists and turns and not let them contribute to the outcome of your life.


I know it seems hard to put these things into practice – and believe me when I say Buddha Barbie is no expert and falls on her ass daily – but the key is to try to and see where life takes you, without regrets!



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