Are You In It For the Big Win?

Are You In It For the Big Win?

What man or women doesn’t like a good win?

Hunters boast about their kills…

Gamblers, their takes…

Athletes, their wins.

And now all of our wins are out there. Bragging or ‘sharing,’ as we now call it, happens all the time. We see the best version and most ideal being shared.

Is this creating a true picture or a facade?

Our society promotes, even dares us, to keep pursuing the next big challenge. Achieving the most you possibly can is a great lesson. But learning what is ‘real’ and how to enjoy what you’ve accomplished — shouldn’t that be part of the lesson?

The creators of casinos absolutely play into creating a winning feeling. They set us up to have such a high with a big win — a feeling which is so enjoyable, it entices you to stay.

They hook you. So you stay.
And you stay — in anticipation of hitting just one more jackpot.

Instead of cashing in and enjoying your small win, you keep going.

Let’s be honest, most people don’t have the strength to walk away on a winning streak. If the luck of the table turns and a losing hand comes in, they still hook you. You’re ready for the big comeback…you’ve got this. You continue to play and enjoy the new adrenaline high.

Like anything addictive, the rush is in your system and makes you feel unstoppable.

That high, that feeling, can come from so many places.

Take relationships, for example. They say the beginning of a new relationship is the ultimate high. It’s new, shiny, exciting, and it makes you feel alive. It consumes your thoughts and actions….all is happy and feels so good.

Then comes Chapter 2 —Reality.


The good, the bad, and the ugly all come into play. Those that love and appreciate the realness of the situation —they stay.

These are the same people who have the ability to leave the table content with their winnings, knowing that it’s okay to celebrate and save the next win for another day.

But those that are addicted to the adrenaline rush…the hunt…the pursuit…the chase, they are the ones who keep going and searching.

Always wanting more or new or variety.

Life isn’t always about a win. What we don’t realize is that sometimes life is about the non-win: The real— the ups, the downs, and even the stagnant.

Celebrating and finding peace after the win and being able to truly enjoy it. Not needing another immediate score to create happiness.

Being in the moment, no matter good, bad, or ugly. 

Reality every day can’t be a win. Relationships have their hard moments, and when you love someone, you learn to accept that every moment isn’t going to be that ‘jackpot’ feeling.

Sometimes the big win comes from being happy right where you are and enjoying all the toys in your very own toy chest.

Until next time,


Karin Xo

Karin has a BA in Sociology, with a minor in Psychology from Michigan State University. Her journey has allowed opportunities to study, experience and complete Kabbalah twice, and earn a certification in coaching with a focus on love and relationships. Writing has always been a passion of Karin’s. She is a twice published children’s book author, former corporate speech writer, past columnist for The Detroit Jewish News, and current blogger for Ask Dr. Nandi as well as, The Relationship Realist.

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