Are you a "sure thing"?

Are you a "sure thing"?

Is it me (G-d, I hope not, but ya never know) or do most people who are “technically” single (could be a few married people as well – just sayin’. Sorry) tend to keep around that one person in their lives that they deem as – what I like to refer to as “ready”?

Okay. We refer it to as…

“A sure thing.”

Ouch. Sorry.

You know what I’m talking about – right?

That special sappy person who has several names/aliases that they go by.

You might recognize he/she as:

Drum roll, please…

The stand-by chump
The booty call
The feel-good infuser
The friend with benefits
The spare, not the heir
The buddy
The emotional cheerleader
The ego feeder
The fall-back kid
A proud member of the line-up.

The specific job description of this person is to:

*Fill the other person, on a moment’s notice, with compliments, flattery and praise.

*Be available at the beck and call for this person whenever they feel tired, heartbroken, down on their luck, in between relationships.

Sound vaguely familiar??

Ya know, that someone who’s sorta below the pay grade (not necessarily normal dating material) but are kept around anyway on the DL (down low) to boost the other person’s self-esteem, self-worth, confidence, et cetera.

Sorta like a vitamin IV drip with a lot less side-effects than an antidepressant.

I like to refer to this person as:

Natures very own holistic feel good fool.

So you might ask yourself…

How does one remove themselves from this box?

It’s not so simple.

The truth is, when we really like or love the person that we are always there for and they take advantage of us – it’s very hard to let them go, which is the very thing that needs to be done if we ever really and truly want to be with them. Oftentimes we accept crumbs just because we care so much and will take anything over nothing.

I’m not judging, but when all is said and done, if wanting an authentic and full relationship is the goal—it may be time to go off the menu completely.

Because everyone deserves to be the full meal, not:

The appetizer
The refreshment
The dessert
The seasonal dish
The midnight snack
And most certainly not as the side dish…

FullSizeRender 2

As my parents always say (and apparently Bob Marley, as well), most people aren’t gonna miss their water until their well runs dry — and if they don’t miss you when you’re gone…

Well, then, truth is they were probably full from eating another meal off another menu at another restaurant.

Best advice: save your main course for a hungry diner.

Until next week,


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