Are you a peacock?

Are you a peacock?

Years ago, I had a very close friend (we’re actually still close friends today) introduce me to her definition of the word “peacock.”

Yes, you heard me. Peacock.

One day we were out to dinner, and she was simply stating that in every relationship, there had to be one ‘peacock’. After thinking about it —I realized she was definitely onto something.

The peacock is a showy bird with bright colors and a beautiful tail. It struts around, flashing those feathers to attract more people. It thrives off of attention and loves to be noticed.

Hmmmm, this was making more sense by the minute.

What she actually meant was that in every relationship, one partner seems to have more of these ‘peacock’ traits than the other. This lead me to what I now refer to as “The Peacock Theory.”

For years I thought she was right because, boy, I have met my share of peacocks in my life. But what’s so interesting is that, while she was 100% right — she was also wrong. I realized after doing my share of research, that there’s a whole world of other bird personalities out there — and many ARE NOT peacocks! Go figure.

Dr. Peter Bender wrote a whole personality test on “bird personalities” personality-type.

He actually feels that “birds of a feather” typically do flock together (now I get where that quote came from) and that there are actually four different bird personality types; but that if you’re a certain type of bird personality, then you will most likely attract a similar one.


Oh, geez — here’s the revelation. I guess that makes me a peacock since I’ve been hanging out on a whole lot of peacock farms for years– and all the while there’s a whole other bird world out there!

Below is a list of the four bird personality types. I have a feeling somewhere you’ll find yourself. Maybe you’ll fit into just one category or perhaps you might even have qualities of a few. Either way, you’ll definitely know peeps in one of the groupings for sure!

  1. The Owl Personality: Deep thinker, quiet, analytical, wants to know things, wants accuracy and logic, likes lists, numbers, statistics and details. They are not playful and are often very bright. They are never the aggressor but choose to only fight when their survival or honor is at stake. They have an enormous capacity for hard work and usually achieve success in almost any field—which doesn’t always translate to financial rewards. Owls can’t stand the peacock.
  1. The Dove Personality: Amicable, caring, sensitive, helping, and very personal. They want to know all the “why’s” of life. They become very personally involved, build deep relationships, and are usually very supportive. They are loyal and hard-working. Most often than not, they are a symbol for peace and non-confrontation. They are the ultimate people pleasers. They think mainly with their emotions and get along GREAT with the peacock.
  1. The Peacock Personality: Okay, here we go…Expressive personality, intuitive, impulsive, front man. They love social situations, parties, they like appreciation, a pat on the back, and to inspire others. The peacock loves to be the center of attention. They sparkle at parties and often come across as cocky and arrogant. They love other peacocks (of course) and doves. Can’t stand owls.
  1. The Eagle Personality: They are the driver of most operations, they are direct, an action person, the boss, and want to always know the “what” of every situation. They want to save time, and they want results. They MUST be in control, and are direct communicators. The eagle knows what it wants and takes it. They are bold and dominant, highly analytical and very decisive. They are stubborn and insensitive to others’ needs. They are self-centered and usually narrow-minded. Sometimes they can be accused of being devoid of emotion. They can’t get along with the dove.

Basically we really need all four types of birds in order to exist. While some traits conflict with others, maybe it’s best we know up front what we’re dealing with.

Think about it this way – during tax season we need our “owls.” During a crisis, we need our “doves.” For our entertainment, we need our “peacocks,” and to stay on course in life, we definitely need our “eagles.”

So remember…it is very important to value each and every one of our feathery friends—and if by chance you get called a birdbrain, just smile and say thank you.

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2 Responses

    I’m amazed, I have to admit. Seldom do I encounter a blog that’s both equally educative and entertaining, and let me tell you, you have hit the nail on the head. The problem is something too few people are speaking intelligently about. I am very happy that I stumbled across this in my search for something concerning this.


    I can’t identify with just one bird personality. I think I’m a combination of all of them. But, I think it is hard to judge oneself. I love this post, by the way!

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