Andrew Brewer - Rock N Roll Psychic

Note From Karin (Buddha Barbie)

Andrew is one of the most amazing clairvoyant and spiritual advisor’s I’ve ever had a reading with. When I found Andrew, I uncovered a true Diamond!!! He is REAL! I guarantee you will not be disappointed. Without reservation, I enthusiastically endorse him as one of ‘Buddha’s Best’ alternative ways for guidance and direction. Sign up for a reading TODAY!!! 



About Andrew Brewer

Andrew Brewer, “The Rock n Roll Psychic”, is an Internationally televised Clairvoyant, Astrologer, and “Past Life” Reader with over 3000 radio, TV, and film appearances to his credit.  He has been listed in multiple publications as “One of the Top 100 Psychics in the World”, “One of the Top 100 Light Workers in the World” and/or “One of the Top 30 Psychics in the United States”.
Andrew was also voted, in a poll of over 500,000 voters in 190 countries, as “One of the 10 Best Looking Male Psychics in the World” 🙂
The author of 10 books and creator of 3 Tarot / Divination Decks, Andrew is a former corporate executive, twice selected for inclusion in “Who’s Who of Executives and Professionals”.  He is a recognized authority on past lives and reincarnation as well as the integration of business and intuition.
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