5 Dating Truths about Men

5 Dating Truths about Men

There’s an old saying, “Men don’t know who they really are until they know what kind of woman they want.”

I agree with that. 

There are some men that are all over the road — dating anyone or anything that moves. And then there are the regular Joes who stick to one or two distinctive types, never really varying.

(Other than on their porn sites)

I find that as we evolve in general, our taste in what we want changes as well.

Ya know, kinda like an expanded palate.

I’m not a huge dater by nature. I’m more of what you would call ‘a serial monogamist’. I stick with one person for years and years and years and years. I like the comfort of the already broken-in house slippers.

I’ve been this way always.

But in between relationships, I’ve had my share of the dating world and I hear women tell me over and over again that there are no great men out there.

I really beg to differ.

I would never even put those limiting words out into the universe.

By now, you can guess I’m big into that — never saying things that bring on negativity or self-limiting thoughts. I believe in the whole hocus-pocus of spirituality.

No Joke.

In fact, I’m a huge believer that we attract exactly what we put out into the universe.

If you’re always “looking” for a partner, the universe is gonna give you just that — a whole lot of “looking.”

I believe if you are centered and secure in your own self, then you can start attracting exactly what you desire in a partner.

However, in the meantime, let’s discuss the kind of men that are out there in the dating world and what you might be attracting. It really sorta comes down to basics hunting styles. Because after all, men are the hunters and women the gatherers.


I think we have all met at least one or two of these guys.

  1. The grazer: Ahh. Mr. Grazer will date pretty much anything or anyone because he’s really not hungry for any real meal, let alone a “fine” meal. The occasional time he actually gets hungry, he will grab any low-hanging fruit (and hopefully that’s not you) dangling from the vine. He’s just looking to get fed, so whatever requires the least amount of skill or expertise, he’ll grab, as long as it’s easy and accessible. Oh. And did I mention available? He’ll eat as long as no real effort has to be exerted in obtaining his meal.
  1. The opportunistic scavenger: This man chooses to NEVER settle down no matter how good the meal is. Yes, he will dine out and he will eat just about any meal. If that meal is a fine meal, great. If it’s Taco Bell, well, sometimes he just needs to be fed, and that’s okay too. He jumps on the opportunity to eat when he can, and somehow always finds a meal no matter what. But his taste can go either way. He is not a fine connoisseur of food. Don’t ever expect him to have any restaurant loyalty. He eats to live, not lives to eat.
  1. The hunter: This man knows how to shoot and will shoot decently at the target of his choice for a meal. He has a  target in mind, and it can be anything as long as it’s within his own ability to obtain it. He has moderate technique and skill, and will relish in the festive meal and continue to dine as long as the hunt was worth the kill.
  1. The trophy hunter: This guy is different than just a regular hunter. He looks for the “best” target he can find. This man has a short attention span and gets easily bored once he’s eaten. Once sufficiently fed, he’s off to find the next “best” carryout. While this man definitely has a refined palate, unfortunately it requires a little too much variety, and most of the time any “one fine meal” just isn’t enough for this serial fine food aficionado.
  1. The expert marksman: This man looks for a “specific” target that requires patience and skill. Traits include diligence, faith, experience and will. Once these men hone in on their target, you better believe they will not let it go, nor will they share their meal with ANYONE. They are territorial, fiercely protective, and hunt for the very exclusive and hard-to-get targets, and once obtained, are quite satisfied and proud and find true pleasure in enjoying their meal over and over.

So depending on what you want, ladies, one of these men will find you. If you’re out there with your tah-tahs hanging out, slurring your words — hate to say, you might be a low-hanging fruit. But if you’ve got things together and are holding out for the “man of your dreams,” then hold yourself in that same high regard and play hard-to-get so that your expert marksman will have his bullseye on you.


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