A Sample of Love came to me after the death of my father, Sam. After his passing, I was left with the inability to write. I had been a writer for over 25 years, with two successful blogs, a column, and clients all over the country. But it seemed as though my grief had taken over and my writing days were a thing of the past.

Since writing is my passion and my career of choice, I decided to change the name of my blog and dedicate it to my father. While I’ll still write about the same topics (love, relationships, daily thoughts) I’ll have his name with me while I continue to spread love and wisdom in his beautiful memory.

My personal journey to finding permanent love hasn’t been simple.  This adventure was one of getting to know myself first and in doing so figuring out what I was looking for in a true partner. I not only share my insight in this blog as a successful relationship coach but as a woman with a passion for love, who has seen it all.

I have personally experienced being single, married, divorced and single again. I have lived through a second time on the ‘dating-go-round’ seeking my “forever” partner…which I have finally found.  A Sample of love’s goal is to share relatable life experiences from myself, my friends and family and those that I’ve coached to inspire and guide through all relationship hurdles. Success comes from motivation and effort, so be ready to get real and begin your journey of love.  Join me in seeing truths, insights, and methods intended to help with your personal relationship path.   This dose of reality will inspire you to ask the hard questions while creating clarity regarding your relationship needs and wants with the intent to motivate through self-awareness, spirituality and the sampling of love.

We are all samples of love.